IMT Service

IMT designs and builds products which are capable to withstand the harshes of environments, in demanding and safety critical applications, IMT's philosophy of designing and manufacturing sealed unit products, utilising the highest grade materials and components ensures the longest possible operating time – with minimal maintenance procedures, which means improved and increased safety along with significantly reduced maintenance costs.

If your product is not fully functional and one of the following points may not apply then fill out the RMA form.

  • the installation manual and the directions for use have not been fully observed;
  • the serial number has been altered, removed or rendered illegible.
  • defects are caused by external causes, e.g. such as fire, vandalism, natural disasters, explosion, direct and indirect lightning strikes, overvoltage and power surges, overheating and floods.
  • faults and defects are caused by adjustments to and/or in the products without prior consultation and written confirmation from IMT.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

IMT offers warranty service for our different mix of products. Follow the Link to see the description of the services offered for the products

Terms & Conditions


RMA Request

In relation to our IMT Service here you will find our RMA request form.

RMA Request Form