Standard Warranty Periods and Terms and Conditions

1. IMT guarantees that the delivered products are made of high quality material and have been manufactured and produced with the utmost of care to exacting standards.

2. During normal use of the product, the warranty covers defects caused by improper components and/or production and manufacturing errors only.

3. After delivery, the applicable warranty period is:

  • 18 months for systems and/or system components (excluding batteries)
  •  24 months for ILED luminaires.
  •  60 months for IQL luminaires.

4. All warranty claims shall be handled promptly with courtesy and fairness. In return, we expect a mutually positive and pro-active attitude so as to settle the claim as quickly and efficiently as is at all possible.

5. Warranty is invalidated if:

  • the installation manual and the directions for use have not been fully observed;
  • the serial number has been altered, removed or rendered illegible.
  • defects are caused by external causes, e.g. such as fire, vandalism, natural disasters, explosion, direct and indirect lightning strikes, overvoltage and power surges, overheating and floods.
  • faults and defects are caused by adjustments to and/or in the products without prior consultation and written confirmation from IMT.

6. All warranty claims must be submitted in conjunction with a Product Performance and Failure Report (PPFR) to IMT or its representatives. The PPFR will be provided upon completing the RMA request form on our internetsite (

7. On receipt of the PPFR, IMT shall issue a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number.

8. After receipt of the PPFR and after issue of the RMA number, IMT shall send a replacement product to the original delivery address or to the requested delivery address, provided that the transport and customs clearing costs are reasonable and fair, given all facts and circumstances of the warranty claim, this at our discretion.

9. The replacement product shall be shipped conditionally free of charge, on the conditions that:

  • the client shall return the RMA product to IMT within 30 days and at his/her own expense accompanied by a correctly completed PPFR stating the RMA number;
  • investigation by IMT reveals that it is fair to establish that the product has failed and that such failure is due to the product/production and/or circumstances within the scope of risks of IMT;
  • the client is able to prove that a defect is not caused by any of the circumstances set forth in article 5;
  • if, based on the aforementioned investigation, IMT concludes that the warranty is applicable, the client may retain the shipped replacement product free of charge;
  • if the warranty is not applicable, the replacement product shall be invoiced and the client shall be liable to pay the invoice.
  • if an RMA product is not returned to IMT within 30 days, IMT shall invoice the replacement product and the client shall be liable to pay the invoice.

10. In the case of a bona fide warranty claim, a new warranty period shall apply to the replacement product – this being the remaining warranty period for the originally supplied product that was subject to RMA.

11. IMT shall apply the above reasonably, with benefit of doubt and with consideration for its clients.

12. In the above all warranty entitlements are specified. All other liabilities are excluded, in particular entitlements to consequential damage, assembly of warranty products, engineering, et cetera.

13. If and insofar as, under the warranty, the client is also entitled to any insurance cover respectively recovery from third parties, the client shall be held to notify IMT thereof and to pursue respectively initiate the relevant entitlements.

14. The warranty is governed by Dutch law. All and any warranty disputes shall be settled by the competent court of law in Culemborg, the Netherlands.

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