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IMT Lighting (UK) Ltd – CIRCLE-H Newsletter

CIRCLE-H TCG Open Day – Airbus Facilities, Aberdeen

IMT Lighting (UK) Ltd – CIRCLE-H Newsletter

CIRCLE-H – TCG Open Day – Airbus Facilities, Aberdeen

Last month IMT Lighting (UK) Ltd, along with their Turnkey Contracting Group (TCG) partners, Dron & Dickson and Willbur Aviation, held a CIRCLE-H presentation day in Aberdeen for the O&G industry.

A big ”thankyou” goes to Airbus Helicopters in Dyce, for making their facilities available to the TCG, and the impressive EC225 flight simulator certainly provided for a dramatic backdrop.

Apart from having a fully operational CIRCLE-H system laid out, there were representatives from Plexus Adhesives, RH Fasteners and Karsten Temporary Habitats – all putting on demonstrations of their equipment.

Adam Green, Sales Manager for UK and Scandinavia:
”Whilst many of our customers have seen a segment of our CIRCLE-H system, we thought that perhaps they would like to actually see it in full scale and that it would give them a fantastic™ opportunity to run the rule over every aspect of the system, it’s full functionality and crucially – the issues and implications to be considered to ensure that installation is carried out safely and correctly. It also gave the opportunity to evaluate other products that we cannot ordinarily take to meetings – such as our Aquarius ILED internally lit windsock and the CIRCLE-H control panel. It was very humbling to have clients fly in from all across the UK – and even Norway – to attend the event and show really interest in the turnkey solution.”

As Adam mentioned, equally as important as the IMT products on display, were the demonstrations by the fixing manufacturers as well as installation partners Dron & Dickson, as this gave a great insight and reassurance for the methods and applications of fixing chosen by the TCG.

Colin Rowley, Managing Director of Dron & Dickson:
”Let’s be quite blunt about this, the safe and proficient installation of any TD/PM system, be it on to a ‘live’ helideck off-shore or in the relative sheltered ease of a shipyard is a real challenge, however the TCG have a number of proven installation methods which not only meet but actually exceed specified shear force requirements – irrespective of how and what the deck is made of. That the TCG is able to carry out installs on a ‘live’ helideck, causing no, I repeat no disruption to the operators flight schedule, this is of massive significance. I feel the open day was a real tipping point for the TCG – as it gave people added peace of mind that we really do take extremely seriously the issue of installation and that we have looked to consider all eventualities – the subsequent uptake in survey requests and PO’s for install of the CIRCLE-H system post the event is very noticeable.”

Graham Wildgoose, Managing Director of Willbur Aviation added:
”There is no doubting that this was a great event for the TCG and their customers. Having pilots from the major UK helicopter operators attending the Open Day and seeing the system first hand was very beneficial. The feedback from the Flight Safety Managers who attended was particularly positive.  We even had some pilots from Brazil who were in Aberdeen to use the EC225 simulator take an interest in what may be on their offshore platforms before long.”

As commented by a customer who came from Norway, “my boss was a little sceptical about me flying to Aberdeen to look at a lighting system. However the event gave a real insight into the simplicity of the system, the knowledge of the TCG and the incredible steps taken to ensure the system will be installed correctly, safely and with as little disruption to us as possible. It was definitely worth the journey”.

Statement on the IP Rating of the IMT CIRCLE-H We have had a number of calls from our customers and the industry in the last couple of weeks with regards to the IP rating of the IMT CIRCLE-H system.

We apologise for any confusion or doubt that our literature and our communication of the IP rating in presentations may have given.

So, to clarify and set the record straight, the IMT system was tested to IP67 (during the original ATEX certification process with DEKRA) as it is considered fundamental to the integrity of the system because of the fact that IMT uses a patented Ex-plug system that is integrated and located underneath the light element – shielded and protected by the light segment itself.

The benefit of this (in addition to the ease of install, exchange, no junction box to periodically inspect etc. etc.) is that there is no junction box that could be subjected to water jetting – however what it does mean is that as the unit may well be in standing water (many customers have commented that the sea can often ’lap’ over the helideck), so it was imperative that the system is designed and tested to IP67 – to have not done so would, in our opinion, have been totally unacceptable.

Our obsession with assuring the industry that due to where and how the connection plug is located, necessitated that the crucial rating of IP67 be in place resulted in our somewhat overlooking that as a basic, standard IMT practice, our system is by default, of course also designed and certified to IP66, so the system is actually certified IP66/67 – the only dual rated system available.

We trust this explanation clears up any confusion there might have been.
Remember – IPx6 means 100l/min H²O out of a mains water hose with a nozzle of Ø 12.5 mm at a distance of 2.5 m.

Surveys and Orders – Further Questions?
The past few weeks has seen a surge of requests for surveys and POs for turnkey installation, not only in the UK, but throughout the O&G world.

If you would like to discuss the aspects that a survey covers or enquire about installation, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Thank you
Tel.: + 44 (0) 7530 138 432

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