IQL Light Deflector

The glare-shield is custom made for the IMT IQL Centaur/Aquarius fitting. Made from marine grade stainless steel AISI 316L, the glare shield’s design allows it to be fitted to the fixture under several different angles, as would be required by the situation in the field. The glare shield reflects and re-directs the light to where it is most needed and avoids unnecessary glare, enhancing visibility and increasing safety. 

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Cable Glands

In accordance with our goal of minimizing maintenance and allowing our clients to focus on their core business, IMT offers a range of cable glands that is fully compatible with our fixtures and control panels. Made of Nickel Plated Brass, these cable glands are exceptionally well suited for the harsh marine environment and are (ATEX) certified for installation in hazardous area.

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IQL & ILED Strain Relief Kit

The IMT Strain Relief Kit is intended for use with new or previously installed IQL/ILED lighting fixtures that are likely to be subjected to heavy vibrations, severe dynamic motion or where extra safety is required.

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IQL Helios Street Light Pole Adapter

Pole Adapter IQL Helios 165 (angle)

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Pedestal for ILED Dorado Lantern

The pedestal allow mounting both the main and secondary IMT Dorado lantern on a single station with a small footprint, maximizing deck space and minimizing clutter. Made from marine grade Stainless steel AISI 316L these pedestals are  durable and aesthetically pleasing as the ILED Dorado lanterns they were designed for.

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