IQL & ILED Strain Relief Kit


The IMT Strain Relief Kit is intended for use with new or previously installed IQL/ILED lighting fixtures that are likely to be subjected to heavy vibrations, severe dynamic motion or where extra safety is required.


Technical Details

Model IQL & ILED Strain Relief Kit
Available in 2 different sizes IQL & ILED
Material Stainless steel AISI 316L
Strain Relief Kit for ILED® Taurus Strain Relief ring (1x)
Extension rod (4x)
M10 nut (12x)
Flat M10 nut (8x)
M10 Washer (8x)
M10 Spring washer (12x)
Strain Relief Kit for IQL® Taurus Strain Relief ring (1x)
M10 x 110 Bolt (4x)
Flat Nut M10 (12x)
M10 washer (8x)
M10 Spring washer (8x)

Order Details

Article Code Version Weight
EDISTRAINLOW Strain Relief Kit for ILED Taurus 1.3 kg
EDISTRAINKIT Strain Relief Kit for IQL Taurus 1.1 kg