CIRCLE-H Ex Control Panel


This control panel is designed to meet the latest CAP 437 regulations (and others, such as ICAO and IMO Modu Code)

As goes for all IMT products, our CIRCLE-H control panels are designed to increase safety while requiring an absolute minimum of maintenance. The smart electronics (even when they are on stand-by) are continuously monitoring the health of the system.

The Ex version is ATEX certified and suitable for installation in Hazardous areas, both zone 1 and 2. The control panel is made off a high (marine) grade aluminium, which is lightweight and corrosion resistant. The high IP (Ingress Protection) value ensures the components are protected against the elements.

Depending on the project requirements, it controls the ILED CIRCLE-H Helideck lighting system, but could also be expanded to control i.e. Helideck Status Lights, Perimeter lights, Flood lights, Illuminated Windsock, Aircraft obstruction lights etc. Upon your request, the system can be equipped with a dedicated UPS.

The use of advanced electronics also allows remote control and the complete system status to be made available in a central control room, or even onshore if required. 


Technical Details

Model Circle-H® Ex Control Panel
Housing Seawater resistant aluminium
Stainless Steel 304/316 on request
Housing colour Polyester powder coating RAL 7005
IP Rating IP66
IP67 on request
Ambient temperature -0 °C up to +100 °C or
-50 °C up to +50°C
Voltage range 24 Vdc or 110 – 230 Vac
Control voltage 24 Vdc
Dimensions* 580x428x273 mm
Enclosure type* EJB 15A
Indication lamps on cover Power on
System on
Common system alarm
Entries M20/M25
Operator buttons on cover Lamp test
System on/off
Standard system inputs System on
Standard system volt free inputs System on
Common system alarm
* Photos and dimension may differ from reality.  

Certificate Details

Model Circle-H® Ex
ATEX classification Group II, Category 2, Gas and Dust
Area classification Category 2 (Zone 1 and 21)
Certificate (ATEX) INERIS 10ATEX0035
Marking Ex d [id Gb] IIB T6 Gb
Ex tb [ibD] IIIC T85° C Db