Helideck HSLS Safe Area Control Panel


The IMT ILED Aquarius HSLS (Helideck Status Light System) is designed to meet the latest CAP 437 and IMO Modu Code regulations. As goes for all IMT products, our HSLS control panels are designed to increase safety while requiring an absolute minimum of maintenance. The smart electronics are in constant communication with the status lights (even when they are on stand-by), monitoring the health of the system. This eliminates the need to regularly test the system’s operation (otherwise required by CAP437), allowing the crew to focus on their core business.

The high IP (Ingress Protection) value of our safe areas enclosures, ensure the components are protected against the elements.

Depending on the project requirements, IMT control panels can also integrate other helideck lighting such as floodlights, perimeter lights, illuminated windsocks, obstruction lights and of course the IMT CIRCLE-H Helideck Lights. Upon your request, the system can be equipped with a dedicated UPS.

The use of advanced electronics also allows remote control and the complete system status to be made available in a central control room, or even onshore if required. 


Technical Details

Model Helideck HSLS Safe Area Control Panel
Housing Sheet Steel 304/316
Housing colour RAL 7035
IP Rating IP66 (depending on execution)
Ambient temperature 0 °C up to +40 °C
Voltage range 24 Vdc or 100 – 230 Vac
Distributed voltage 24 Vdc to HSLS lighting
110Vac or 230Vac to helideck lighting
Control voltage 24 Vdc
Indication lights Perimeter lights on
Floodlights on
Windsock on*2
Obstruction lights on*2
Operator buttons on cover Perimeters on/off
Floodlights on/off- wind sock on/off
Obstruction lights on/off
Standard system inputs FSG input (on/off switching of the system)
Dimmer input (for remote dimming facility)
ESD input (for immediate off switching of the system in case of an ESD)
Standard system volt free outputs System on
Dimmer on
Common system alarm
*² depending on configuration