NavAid Safe Area Control Panel


Fully in compliance with the IALA Recommendation O-139 on the Marking of Man-Made Offshore Structures, IMT has designed its SigMare Marine Navigation Aid system.

As goes for all IMT products, our NavAid control panels are designed to increase safety while requiring an absolute minimum of maintenance. The smart electronics are in constant communication with the Marine lanterns (even when they are on stand-by), monitoring the health of the system. This eliminates the need to regularly test the system’s operation, allowing the crew to focus on their core business.

The high IP (Ingress Protection) value of our safe areas enclosures, ensure the components are protected against the elements.

Depending on the project requirements, it could control ILED Dorado 10/15NM lantern(s) as well as ILED Lyra 3/5NM lantern(s). Amongst others, options are the use of a 2(+0,5)Nm Fog horn and Visibility detector.

The SigMare Marine Navigation aid system comes with a designated 96 hours UPS system, which again can optionally be fed through Solar and/or Wind power technology.

The use of advanced electronics also allows remote control and the complete system status to be made available in a central control room, or even onshore if required.



Technical Details

Model NavAid Safe Area Control Panel
Housing Sheet steel
Housing colour RAL 7035
IP Rating IP66 (depending on execution)
Ambient temperature 0 °C up to +40 °C
Voltage range 24 Vdc or 100 – 230 Vac
Control voltage 24 Vdc
Distributed voltage 24 Vdc or 230 Vac
Dimensions*² 800 x 800 x 2.000 mm
Indications & Controls Main light(s) on/off and or manual/remote
Secondary light(s) on/off and or manual/remote
Subsidiary light(s) on/off and or manual/remote
Main foghorn(s) on/off and or manual/remote
Secondary foghorn(s) on/off and or manual/remote
Main power failure
Charger failure
Low battery
Common alarm
Housing includes Monitoring of equipment
Power conversion and distribution to field equipment
Synchronization of lanterns/horns
Photocell control
Visibility detector control
Battery Charger
External inputs Remote on/off switching of the lanterns/horns
As per customer requirement
Photos and dimensions may differ from reality.
*2 Sizing for other configurations on request.


Model NavAid Safe Area Control Panel
Housing Cabinet heater
Stainless steel cabinet