Retro-fit Street Light


Existing luminaires are inspected and evaluated to determine the best possible solution for having the IQL retro-fitted.

A complete refurbishment service is also available.


Technical Details

Model Existing lighting fixture
Light source QL (Induction)
Light colour Standard White (colour 830)
Colour rendering Ra>80
IP Rating electronics IP67
Ambient temperature -40 °C up to +40 °C
(Re)ignition Immediate
Voltage range 200 – 277 Vac/dc 50/60 Hz ± 6 % or
100 – 120 Vac/dc ±6 %
Power factor/Cos >0.98
Connection As requested


Model Existing lighting fixture
Light colour Warm White (colour 827) Cool White (colour 840) ClearSky® (colour 290)
Wattage 55 W, 85 W and 165 W
Reflector Adapted to circumstances
Assembly/disassembly On request