Petrel EXEN


A highly competitive zone two fluorescent luminaire for use in both internal and external hazardous area applications. Featuring a moulded GRP body and polycarbonate diffuser it is designated as “unrestricted breathing” equipment, meaning no routine testing during annual maintenance inspections. Simple in design, access to all parts is quick, and when needed lamps may be changed easily by releasing the stainless steel diffuser clips and removing the diffuser. Lamp sizes from 18W to 58W are available as are single and twin versions. Three hour emergency versions are fitted with integral batteries and charging unit


Technical Details

Model Petrel EXEN
Light source  
Housing Tough GRP moulded body, polycarbonate diffuser and coated steel control gear tray. Corrosion resistant clips for gear tray and diffuser
IP Rating IP65
Ambient temperature -40 °C up to +55 °C *
Voltage range 230 Vac
110 Vac
Systempower 2x 18W
2x 36W
2x 58W
1x 36W
1x 58W
Control Gear Electronic instant start ballast with EOL (end of
life) cut off
Entries 2 x M20—ISO (1plugged) as standard.
Connection 3 wire and earth. Cable size 4mm2 max
Through wiring versions available
Mounting Drill through point on enclosure body
Re-lamp access Quick release spring diffuser clips
Weight 2.8 - 5.6kg (lamp dependant)

Certificate Details

Model Petrel EXEN
ATEX classification Group II, Category 3, Gas and Dust
Area classification Zone 2 and 22
Gas group suitability II
Certificate (ATEX) SIRA 00ATEX3106
Certificate (IECEX) SIR09.0039
Marking Ex nC II T4
CE Yes


Model Petrel EXEN
Through wired For speedier installation (Option TW)
Stainless Steel brackets Fast installation corrosion resistant bracket (Option SSB)
Gullwing mounting brackets (Option GWB)
Emergency version Internally mounted 3hr batteries - no need for additional battery box