IMT ILED Helideck Lighting Products

In line with current CAA guidelines CAP437 and ICAO regulations IMT has over a number of years developed a range of European ATEX certificated products. This will ensure that IMT engineered products will give you peace of mind that your helicopter landing area will be in line with current safety requirements.

The IMT range of Helideck lighting solutions incorporate the latest ILED and IQL technologies, are sealed units and designed for a worklife up to 100,000 hours. Every IMT lighting system is manufactured from the latest corrosion resistant marine grade material available. The sustainable long life system reduces the need for costly continual repairs and replacement and provides a significant cost saving over the life of the installation.

The IMT range of Helideck ‘Zone 1 Ex-Hazardous Area’ certificated products includes:

    (Under CAA CAP437 all UK helidecks must have this system in place by 31 March 2018)
  • ILED Helideck Perimeter Lights
  • ILED Helideck Aquarius Floodlights
  • ILED Helideck Dorado / Aquarius Status (Main & Repeater ) Lights
  • ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock
  • ILED/IQL Aircraft Obstruction Warning Lights

IMT’s Helideck Lighting System can also be configured to operate from one central control panel for maximum efficiency.

ILED Dorado Helideck Status Light - Marine Lantern

The ILED Dorado is hermetically sealed, so as to ensure that environmental conditions do not affect the functionality of the light.

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ILED Aquarius Helideck Floodlight

The traditional main purpose of the helideck floodlight, assisting the pilots with visual cues regarding the location of the deck and their relative position, is diminishing as the CIRCLE-H lighting system, which is far superior for this purpose, is obtaining worldwide adaptation.

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ILED Aquarius Perimeter - Repeater - Signal Light

The ILED Aquarius – in all its variants – is manufactured with a toughened soda lime glass lens that has a high impact and fracture resistance and utilises the highest quality of high power LEDs – in the colours of Green, Red, Blue, Amber, and White.

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ILED - IQL Aquarius Illuminated Windsock

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock provides pilots with an indication of the wind direction as required by IMO Modu Code, CAA CAP 437 and ICAO Annex 14. These regulations require the presence of at least one windsock, which, if the helideck is intended for use at night, must be illuminated. Utilising IMT’s ILED technology, the windsock is illuminated internally, thereby minimising

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