Photo Cell/Sun Switch


The sun switch/photo cell measures the illumination level (lux) and when this reaches a pre-set value it will activate or deactivate the lighting fixture(s).

The input from the (external) photo cell will be led into a light dependent relay, which is installed in the central control panel, which is adjustable between 1 and 100 lx.

The photo cell is housed in a small separate Ex d box or as part of the Control Panel.


Technical Details

Model SMH
Housing Aluminium enclosure with hardened glass window
Housing colour RAL 7005
Entries 2 x M25
IP Rating IP67
Ambient temperature -20 °C up to +60 °C
Voltage range 24 Vdc for light relays in control panel
Systempower 0.03A for light relays in control panel
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 137x146x123 mm LxWxH

Certificate Details

Model SMH
Certificate (ATEX) INERIS 01ATEX0023
Marking ATEX Ex II 2GD EEx d IIC-T6


Model SMH
Version Safe Area

Order Details

Article Code Dimensions Weight
E-PHOTOCELL EX 137x146x123 mm 2.1 kg