Safe Area Fog Detector


The visibility detector will be installed on the railing on a side of the deck. It measures atmospheric visibility (meteorological optical range) by determining the amount of light scattered by particles (smoke, dust, haze, fog, rain, & snow) in the air that passes through the sample volume.

When the air is clear, very little light is scattered, resulting in a small signal received. More particles, result in more scattering, hence higher received signal.

The detector has a visibility range of 10 m up to 20.000 m. LED transmitter projects light in a forward direction into the air between the heads and the light scattered is collected by the receiver on the opposite head. The resulting signal strength is converted to a visibility range.


Technical Details

Model PWD20
Measurement range 10 up to 20,000 m
Operating principle Forward scatter measurement
Accuracy ± 10 %, range 10 up to 10,000 m
± 15 %, range 10 up to 20,000 m
IP Rating IP66
Ambient temperature -40 °C up to +60 °C
Voltage range 12 Vdc up to 50 Vdc (electronics)
24 Vac or 24 Vdc for heater option
Systempower 3 W (electronics with dew heater
@12 Vdc)
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 404x695x199 mm WxLxH


Model PWD20
Power 2 W (luminance sensor with dew heater)
65 W (heater option)

Order Details

Article Code Dimensions Weight
602.003 440x695x199 mm 3 kg