SigMare SKA 3-5 NM LED Beacon


A versatile compact, self contained solar powered 5 NM LED beacon available in Red, Green, Amber, and White colour. Colour chromacity of the emitted light meets IALA specifications.

The light source is formed through horizontally placed LEDs of high intensity and depending on which visibility is needed the light output can be programmed accordingly.Electronics include: charge regulator functions and with the optional infrared remote control any of the 256 pre-programmed IALA flash codes and daylight sensor setpoints can be field programmed. Electrical parameters as battery voltage, and day/night switching point can be read.

As a option the beacon can synchronize by means of the sync GPS receiver. The beacon is designed and constructed to operate without servicing or maintenance for up to 5 years. The electrical system can be equipped with a 38 or 100 Amph. battery The integral battery is charged by 3 integrated 12 watt mono cristallyne solar generators.

Charge characteristics in overcast conditions are superb and due to the well dimensioned battery pack this beacon is specially suited for regions with low sun irradiations. The beacon is made of self coloured polyethelene and is provided with 3 mounting holes on a 550 mm. circle to enable easy mounting on buoys or stancions.

A membrane incorporated in the lan­tern housing allows ai­r pressure equalization. Compared to
conventional lanterns, the advantages are the large vertical divergence, intensity of the emitted light, the long life ex­­pec­tancy of the LEDs, and the very high reliability. Weight of this self contained solar powered beacon with a 38 Amph. storage battery is 25 kg, maximum diameter is 700 mm. The focal plane of the light source is 640 mm.


Technical Details

Model SKA 3-5 Solar powered LED Beacon
Light source LED
Luminous intensity 3-5 NM
Light colour Red, Green, Yellow or White
Flash frequency Morse Code - "U" or 228 other flash codes
Housing Polyethelene (Beacon)
Polyuretane (Lanterbase) marine grade aluminium (Lantern top)
Solar panels 3 x 12 W g
Battery 38 Amph
IP Rating IP66
Ambient temperature -30 °C up to +45 °C
Voltage range 12 - 30 Vdc
Systempower Approx. 4 W
Connection Permanently sealed cable in SKA
Standard version including AL200 LED beacon
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions in mm 700x575 mm (ØxH) (without lantern)
700x902 mm (ØxH) (with lantern)


Model SKA 3-5 powered LED Beacon
Infrared-remote control for each of the 229 flash codes
Battery 100 Amph
Sync GPS

Order Details

Article Code Dimensions Weight
-- 700x902 mm (ØxH) (with lantern) 25 kg