CIRCLE-H Helideck Lighting System

IMT understand and fully appreciate that it is not merely about the CIRCLE-H system – but just as – if not more importantly – that it is installed correctly and proficiently.

Therefore, IMT have teamed up with selected partners so as to be able to carry out pre installation surveys of helidecks – these surveys and inspections are carried out by fully certified and competent personnel.

As an absolute minimum, our survey and install teams have the following base skill sets:

  • CompEx
  • MIST
  • Offshore medical
  • IMT approved installer status
  • Mechanical fixings approved installer status
  • IRATA rope access accreditation lead by a level 3 accredited team member
  • Helideck landing area awareness

In preparation for installation, we are now carrying out an increasingly significant number of helideck surveys for a number of clients. If you would like further information and advice as to how we can help in the process of pre-qualifying and preparing for CIRCLE-H installation, then please contact us.

Low Profile

The light characteristics of the CIRCLE-H system are designed in compliance with CAP437 so that the location of the helideck on the platform is easier to establish and increases its conspicuity


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Less than 25mm

CIRCLE-H is less than 25mm high, even with mounting the mounting plate. The system is comprised of just 4 main parts. The light unit is easily connected by an Ex-certified, patented plug system. Only cables and conduits are variable - to the D-Value of the helideck.


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More Details

IMT’s CIRCLE-H system is manufactured from marine grade aluminium – which is by far and away the best material for marine applications and for temperature management control. The one-piece mounting plate is designed so that it can easily be adapted to suit all types of deck construction.

More details about CIRCLE-H on our page.