Helideck Lighting Systems

Be it a ‘simple’ lighting system or a complex navigation signalisation system – then IMT will work with you to find the optimum solution.

Through our own in-house Engineering and R&D departments we are able to manage and provide for your project from a single source.

Our partnerships with selected manufacturers and fully certified manpower service providers means that projects are expertly provided for and managed at every stage.

ILED Dorado Helideck Staus Light - Marine Lantern

The ILED Dorado is hermetically sealed, so as to ensure that environmental conditions do not affect the functionality of the light.

The housing is manufactured from marine grade aluminium alloy – making the product extremely....


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ILED Aquarius CIRCLE-H Helideck Lighting System

Helicopter deck signalisation lighting has now taken off into a new direction with the IMT ILED CIRCLE-H Lighting System.

Throughout the industry, it is now fully agreed and accepted that the old method of illuminating the TD/PM Circle and H with...

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ILED Aquarius Helideck Floodlight

The ILED Aquarius Helideck Floodlight is made with an anodized, marine grade aluminium casting, making it highly resistant to seawater environments and therefore perfectly suitable for marine applications. The integral mounting bracket allows ...

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ILED Aquarius Perimeter

The ILED Aquarius – in all its variants – is manufactured with a toughened soda lime glass lens that has a high impact and fracture resistance and utilises the highest quality of high power LEDs – in the colours of...

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ILED - IQL Aquarius Illuminated Windsock

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock provides pilots with an indication of the wind direction as required by IMO Modu Code, CAA CAP 437 and ICAO Annex 14. These regulations require the presence of at least one windsock, which, if the helideck is intended for use at night, must be...
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