ClearSky - The "green" light

An ATEX certified and industrial light that dramatically improves the ability to judge perception of night time surroundings whilst at the same time being environmentally friendly for birds and nocturnal animals – ClearSky - the light solution from IMT that gives you a whole new perspective on safety and sustainability.

Many years of research – carried out by both Shell and Philips – has resulted in a special light spectrum combination that produces a subtle yet distinctive blue-green colour.

Where to use?

For different reasons, ClearSky is suitable for both on industrial sites as well as in public areas....


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What is the story behind ClearSky?

The special features of ClearSky arise from the carefully selected spectrum of the lamps, with minimal...


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More Details

The innovative combination of safety and sustainability makes Clear Sky the ideal solution for industrial sites and Ex-areas, on and offshore – as well as for temporary sites, keeping the impact on the environment to an absolute minimum, Clear Sky substantially adds to the acceptance of the public.

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